Introducing: Christmas Categories Party Game!

Have you ever had friends and family over for the holidays and wished you had a Christmas-themed board game to keep everyone occupied? Despite it being the season of parties and get-togethers, of festiveness and fun, there are shockingly few games out there specifically devoted to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. We decided to change that in 2022 with the introduction of our brand new Christmas Categories game!

Christmas Categories is an innovative take on a century-old parlor game. Players draw a Letter Card and then five “Question Cards” that they all need to answer with the given letter. Here are some examples of Question Cards:

  1. Actor who has played Santa Claus in a movie
  2. Something seen on an ugly Christmas sweater
  3. Item mentioned in The Twelve Days of Christmas
  4. Reindeer name
  5. Holiday word in a foreign language

Players then turn over the 1-minute timer and try to jot down creative and clever (and holiday-related!) answers for each answer. For example, say the letter is “P.” Here are possible answers:

  1. Paul Giamatti (in Fred Claus)
  2. Penguins
  3. Pipers Piping
  4. Prancer
  5. Père Noël (Santa Claus in French)

There are then two ways to score in Christmas Categories:

In one version, you can earn a point for every answer you match with other players. This requires you to think like your opponents and tests how well you know your friends and family members.

In the second version, you earn points for unique answers. For each valid response you have that no other player wrote down, give yourself a point!

Keep playing until you run out of “Question Cards,” then tally up everyone’s points at the end to declare a winner.

“Stuffing” would be a good answer here

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Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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